Was WALL-E’s Fire extinguisher adequate for his space scene?

Peter Daniel Jacob Weller


This paper investigates Disney’s movie WALL-E and whether the fire extinguisher he uses had enough carbon dioxide, CO2, in it, to last for his entire space flight and if not, how many extinguishers he would require and the actual mass of CO2. The extinguisher used by WALL-E was estimated to contain 2 kg of CO2. The findings of the paper were that WALL-E’s extinguisher was not of adequate size and would have lasted only 16 s of the scene which lasted 105 s. For the completion he would have required 6 further extinguishers, totalling 7. With impurities of an extinguisher considered the actual mass of CO2 required was calculated to be 13.77 kg and not 14 kg.


Film; Physics; Mechanics; Ideal Gas Law; WALL-E

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