Did Busted really make it to the Year 3000?



This paper investigates the plausibility of Busted making it to the year 3000 and if, on arriving, “everyone was underwater”, as depicted in the lyrics and music video to their song “Year 3000”. The velocity required to achieve sufficient time dilation to transport the band and their neighbour to the Year 3000, from 2002, in the 7 s of travel shown in the music video, was calculated as 2.9979245799…x108 ms-1. The energy required to achieve this speed was determined to be approximately 4.267x1029 J. Finally, literature models of sea-level rise were investigated to determine if Busted’s home town, Southend-on-Sea would be underwater in the year 3000. Even extreme predictive models showed it to still be above water; this, in addition to the large velocity and energy requirements question the legitimacy of Busted’s ventures.


Music; Physics; Special relativity; Environment; Busted; Year 3000

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