Could a super mutant behemoth really exist?



The post-apocalyptic world of the Fallout series is home to an array of mutated creatures, including ‘super mutants’, humans that have been mutated to be much larger and stronger. The biggest of these is the super mutant behemoth, which can grow to gargantuan sizes, run very fast and perform acts of incredible strength. This paper investigates the viability of such a creature existing, using dimensional analysis to determine what would happen if an ordinary super mutant were scaled up to the size of a behemoth. First the relative strength of the behemoth was estimated, then the effects of gravity on such a creature were discussed. It was found that the behemoth represented in-game would find it very difficult to survive in reality.


Computer game; Biology; Physics; Biomechanics; Scaling biological systems; Super mutant behemoth; Fallout

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