The Black Panther suit: The amount of energy absorbed from a collision with a moving car

Bowrnamey Thirukkumar, Faeeza Lorgat


This paper evaluates Black Panther’s vibranium suit, a character from a Marvel movie, with regards to the amount of kinetic energy it can absorb upon a collision with an average car travelling at a speed of 70 mph. A value of 734.30 kJ was calculated to be absorbed by the suit. The usefulness of this stored energy is then assessed by contextualizing it in a combat situation against Black Panther’s nemesis, Erik Killmonger. Using the energy from the collision, Black Panther would be able to throw Erik vertically at a speed of 144.89 ms-1 to a height of 1085.92 m with a force of 1353.01 N. To compare the magnitude of force in relation to the real world, the power generated from the throw can support a UK household for 15.50 days.


Film; Physics; Mechanics; Power-Energy; Black Panther

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