How much energy would be required for Game of Thrones dragon Viserion to destroy the Wall?

Sophie Lucy WILLETT


This paper calculates the amount of energy the Game of Thrones dragon Viserion had to produce and transfer to a section of the Wall in order to destroy it in the final episode of season 7. The energy was calculated to be 3.08x1012 kJ if he was flying 45 m away from the Wall and his 2 m long jaw opened at an angle of 45˚. The enthalpy of fusion and vaporising were used so to simulate the Wall melting from ice to water, being raised to boiling point and then vaporising. The amount of energy Viserion would have had to provide is extremely large and so errors in assumptions as well as the realism of the situation must be considered.


Book; TV programme; Physics; Thermodynamics; Dragon; Game of Thrones; Viserion

Full Text:



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