Report on feasibility study on the use of film adaptations in developing innovative assessment methods in English literary studies

David Clark


This project derived from the principle that English literary study centres on the critical analysis of literary texts, and from Pope's (2005) argument that:


The best way to understand how a text works ... is to change it: to play around with it, to intervene with it in some way (large or small), and then to try to account for the exact effect of what you have done. (p.1)


Lee (2006) had reported on an attempt to assess this claim 'by introducing English students to two film-making methods (digital video and computer animation)' and requiring them to make a film based on a literary text (or extract) chosen by them and then 'comment on how this could affect the way they analysed literature and how they saw this fitting into their perception of English literary studies.' (p.4) The report confirmed positive evaluations of the experience by both students and staff, but emphasised the need for courses to have 'the right support structures' (p.16) and institutional 'acceptance of such a teaching/assessment method' (p.17).

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