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Vol 4, No 1 (2022)

Special Issue: Media and the Far Right

In recent years, there has been a clear increase in the dissemination of exclusionary discourses in the public sphere worldwide, articulated in part by prominent figures on the right and far-right wings of international politics. Given the appetite for these ideas, evident from the widespread rise of conservative and populist values in society and the numerous voters opting for far-right political parties in Europe and beyond, many politicians and activists have adopted an openly hostile stance against minorities, challenging minority rights and championing restrictive social policies. Established news media outlets have a complex relationship with far-right and radical actors, often contributing to the mainstreaming of said actors and their beliefs, despite ostensibly adopting critical stances against them.

In tandem, far-right actors have attacked the credibility of these mainstream media outlets and networks, gravitating increasingly towards alternative ‘news outlets’, such as websites, blogs, forums and social media platforms. At the same time, for over two decades, far-right actors and groups have utilised online communication structures to build their networks, gain visibility, recruit members and spread mis/disinformation through channels that are almost impossible to trace, audit or moderate.

As part of this issue, we invited submissions from established and early career scholars and practitioners that have the potential to contribute new critical perspectives to this salient discussion.

This issue was originally published on It has been placed here for archiving, whilst we transition to a new platform.

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Gulnara Zakharova
Nicole Buckley, Joseph S. Schafer
Igor Išpanović
Hillary Woodworth McNerney, Billy Spann, Esther L. Mead, Joseph Kready, Thomas Marcoux, Nitin Agarwal