The 2011 Egyptian Revolution: Its effects on the Egyptian community in the UK in terms of political participation, media use, belonging, and Egyptian identity

Rua Al-Sheikh


This research seeks to examine the role played by the Egyptian Diaspora living in the UK during the 2011 Egyptian revolution and the extent to which they participated in it. The aim is to detangle the factors impacting the UK Egyptian community in terms of identity and belonging, and discuss whether the 2011 uprising had increased their political involvement through mass media or not. The assumption that diasporic communities are politically apathetic is considered. Little research has been conducted in this area of Diaspora, and a qualitative approach has been used to explore this. Preliminary findings indicate that Egyptians in the UK are more involved in political activities with regard to Egypt since 2011 uprising. When the Egyptian revolution broke out, some Egyptians living in the UK engaged in the revolution by voicing their opinions over the Internet and social media, while others travelled to Egypt to participate in the uprising.

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