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University of Leicester Open Journals publishes peer-reviewed academic research in museum studies, physics, education, Middle Eastern studies, and interdisciplinary topics. Our primary purpose is to support publications associated with the University, but we work with external organisations too. We are committed to open access publishing.  

We also support several journals that teach students and staff about the peer-review process and its importance in disseminating scholarship.


Open access policy

All our journals publish full, immediate open access.


Article processing charges

We do not have article processing charges (APCs) or submission fees.


Copyright and licensing

Our journals have different copyright and licensing arrangements according to their needs. Please refer to the specific journal’s policy, which can be found on their home page.


Archiving policy

Unless otherwise stated, authors can archive pre- and post-print versions of their article. The author’s pre-print (i.e. pre-refereeing) can be archived in pre-print servers or the author’s website. The published source must be acknowledged, and there must be a link to the published version when available.

The author’s post-print (i.e. final draft post-refereeing) can be archived in institutional and society repositories, PubMed Central, ArXiv and the author's personal website. The published source must be acknowledged, and there must be a link to published version. The published version/pdf can be used, except in the case of New Middle Eastern Studies.

There are no embargo periods.

New Directions in the Teaching of Physical Sciences

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Museum and Society

Museum and Society is an independent peer-reviewed journal which brings together new writing by academics and museum professionals on the subject of museums.

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Journal of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

The Journal will focus on Higher Education teaching, learning, research and contemporary thought.

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New Middle Eastern Studies

New Middle Eastern Studies (NMES) exists to offer new perspectives on debates within Middle Eastern Studies and to challenge main orthodoxies in the field. The journal is in dialogue with a set of perspectives inspired by critical, post-colonial, non-orientalist and “global” approaches in the study of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, and welcomes such contributions. Taking this aim a step further, however, NMES suggests to tackle issues from a comparative, cross-cultural perspective with the goal of going beyond consolidated frameworks and encouraging original accounts of life and politics in the Middle East.

NMES acknowledges the perspectives of people “on the ground”, as local voices are seen as a source of inspiration for thinking beyond Western ontological schemes and political views. In this direction, the journal strives to contribute to non-Eurocentric understandings of the region and encourages contributions that challenge mainstream theories and perspectives.

NMES promotes the exploration of historical, socio-economic, cultural, intellectual and political processes that are constitutive of the multiplicity and multi-layered set of transformations that have shaped the region in the last 3 millennia. The journal welcomes original contributions from the humanities and the social sciences that engage with these themes and which are able to frame case studies in a wider theoretical and comparative framework.

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LIAS Working Paper Series

The Leicester Institute for Advanced Studies Working Papers Series is intended to:

  • Provide a mechanism for publishing interdisciplinary research in a range of formats including preliminary findings, position papers, critical reflection papers, and policy briefs
  • Support the publication of provocation papers, aimed at stimulating debate about emerging research areas and complex research questions

  • Make interdisciplinary research and debates available within and beyond the academy, through open access publishing.

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Physics Special Topics

This is an undergraduate journal for year 4 (MPhys) students in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Leicester. It forms part of the taught undergraduate module PA4980.

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Journal of Interdisciplinary Science Topics

The journal publishes short original papers by undergraduates on the Natural Sciences/Interdisiplinary Science programme at the University of Leicester (UK) and McMaster University (Canada).

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Research and Writing: The Training Journal

Reviewing and Writing (RaW)

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for(e)dialogue is an peer- reviewed doctoral and early career researchers online journal by the School of Media, Communication and Sociology at the University of Leicester.

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Journal for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

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